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October 13th, 2020 | Words by Bryson Smith | Photos Courtesy of Apple

This year's offering of iPhones has the widest range of sizes available in any iPhone launch to date. The iPhone 12 mini, at 5.4inches and the largest, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, at a whopping 6.7 inches.These phones have the same design that Apple kicked off with the iPhone X: no home button and a full screen with a camera notch at the top. However, the rounded edges of the past few iterations of iPhones are gone, with the new lineup harkening back to the squared edges of earlier iPhones. With four new models, 2020-2021 is giving us the most versatile lineup of new iPhones ever.To help you pick the best phone for your lifestyle & needs, we’ve put together a rundown on the various sizes of the iPhone 12 and each model’s advantages.

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iPhone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 mini is the most compact iPhone in this year's lineup, at just 5.4 inches. This makes it perfect for an active lifestyle since it will easily fit in the pocket of your running shorts, hiking pants or bike jersey. The ease of bringing this lightweight and compact phone with you everywhere makes the iPhone 12 mini our number one choice for active pursuits. If you are looking to upgrade your old smartphone and stay on the smaller side, the iPhone 12 mini is a great choice. We recommend this phone for those on the go & on the move.


Best Use: Active Lifestyle and Minimalist Gear

Worst for: Remote Work

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iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is an iPhone for everyone who is divided between the active versatility of a smaller phone and the utility of a larger phone. At 6.1 inches, it is a good compromise between the larger iPhone 12 Pro Max and the smaller iPhone 12 mini. If you see the value in a larger screen for emails, text editing and other remote work applications, but also want a phone that can accompany at the gym or on the trail, the iPhone 12 is a great choice. It is large enough for work and other big screen tasks, but compact enough to be easily carried anywhere. We think that the 12 will be the best choice for most people out there as it performs well in every category, without particularly focusing on one thing.  


Best Use: Every Day Carry

Worst for: Specialized Tasks i.e. Remote Work

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iPhone 12 Pro

While the iPhone 12 Pro doesn't differ in size from the iPhone 12, it offers more high-end features and tech than the 12. The Pro really shines when it comes to photography, with a triple-lens rear camera and LIDAR functionality. And while the 12 Pro is physically the same size as the 12, it can store up to 512GB worth of data, leaving you with plenty of room for photos on your device. The iPhone 12 tops out at 256GB, so if storage is a priority for you, the iPhone 12 Pro is a good fit. The 6.1-inch size is also great for mobile photography. The larger screen size allows for easy view finding, while remaining compact enough not to be cumbersome while shooting. We recommend the iPhone 12 Pro to any serious mobile photographer looking for one of the best phone cameras available. If photography and higher specs are important to you, then go with the 12 Pro. However if superior specs aren't very important for you, stick with the iPhone 12.


Best Use: Mobile Photography & Remote Work

Worst For: Budget Conscious Buys

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iPhone 12 Pro Max

Rounding out this year's lineup is the aptly named iPhone 12 Pro Max. At 6.7 inches, this is the largest iPhone Apple has ever made. If you use your iPhone as a mobile workstation, this is the phone for you. The vast screen size will shine when working on a spreadsheet or editing documents. The massive screen also lends itself to mobile entertainment, from games to Netflix binges while on the road. If you are on the go and use your phone more than a desktop or laptop, then the iPhone 12 Pro Max is the phone for you this year, especially if you've ever been frustrated by a smaller screen while working. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is also laden with even more photography tools than the 12 Pro. With even larger sensors, the 12 Pro Max is designed to perform no matter what conditions you shoot in, including low light settings. The iPhone 12 Pro Max also offers 5x optical zoom, compared to iPhone 12 Pro's 4x optical zoom.  


However, its large size is not for everyone. Keep in mind that if you go with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you will be carrying around a lot of phone for one pocket. Couple that with other essentials like AirPods, wallet, and keys, and you may need a backpack or shoulder bag to bring all your essentials with you comfortably. If carrying around some extra bulk around doesn't concern you, then the Pro Max is a great choice this year.


Best Use: Mobile Work & Top of the Line Photography  

Worst For: Lightweight Travel & Active Pursuits

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